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Blyth Shipbuilding was a minor British shipbuilder in Northumberland on the RIver Blyth.


Work at the yard started in the early nineteenth century. After a series of corporate amalgamations, the firm commenced building iron vessels in 1880, first for the Russians. It became an LLC in 1883.

The firm closed in 1925 in the face of a fall-off in business. Fitful operations continued until a final closure in 1930. It was able to re-open in 1937 and built small ships for the Royal Navy. Once again, the end of a war forced a series of closures and reductions in scale of operations.


Ship Type Launched Fate
H.M.S. Ark Royal seaplane carrier 5 Sep, 1914 Sold 1946
H.M.S. Verbena sweeping sloop 9 Nov, 1915 Sold 13 Oct, 1933
H.M.S. Aubrietia convoy sloop 17 Jun, 1916 Sold 25 Oct, 1922
H.M.S. Gaillardia convoy sloop 19 May, 1917 Mined 22 Mar, 1918
H.M.S. Ivy convoy sloop 31 Oct, 1917 Sold Feb, 1920
H.M.S. Ormonde sweeping sloop 8 Jun, 1918 Sold 6 Aug, 1937
H.M.S. Merry Hampton sweeping sloop 19 Dec, 1918 Scuttled Feb, 1943


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