Chaplain (Royal Navy)

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Other Denominations

By Order in Council of 2 August, 1918, power was granted to grant Ministers and Priests not of the Church of England temporary Commissions as Acting Chaplains.[1]

Chaplain of the Fleet

Formerly Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital. Renamed upon new appointment in 1876.

The Chaplain of the Fleet was granted the ecclesiastical dignity of Archdeacon under the Archbishop of Canterbury by Order in Council on 11 August, 1902. The Reverend William Stuart Harris was instituted Archdeacon by the Archbishop on 23 October.[2]

In August, 1914, the Chaplain of the Fleet issued prayer cards, marked "Slip this inside your cap." The prayer read:

A Sailor's Prayer.
Heavenly Father, forgive my sins, and strengthen me in all that is right.
Grant me help to carry out my duties faithfully and bravely.
Bless and protect the officers and men of this ship.
Shield all I love from harm in my absence.[3]


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