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Charles Connell & Company was a Scottish shipbuilding company founded on the River Clyde in Scotstoun, Glasgow in 1861.


The yard's role in warship construction was limited to sloops and patrol vessels. After the war, it specialised in passenger ships and cargo vessels.


Ship Type Launched Fate
H.M.S. Jonquil sweeping sloop 12 May, 1915 Transferred May, 1920
H.M.S. Laburnum sweeping sloop 10 Jun, 1915 Lost Feb, 1942
H.M.S. Gladiolus sweeping sloop 25 Oct, 1915 Sold 10 Mar, 1920
H.M.S. Godetia sweeping sloop 8 Jan, 1916 Handed over 26 Feb, 1937
H.M.S. Hydrangea sweeping sloop 2 Mar, 1916 Sold 7 Apr, 1920
H.M.S. P14 patrol boat 4 Jul, 1916 Sold Jul, 1923
H.M.S. PC 63 patrol boat 2 Oct, 1917 Sold May, 1923


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