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  • The port engine room was flooded, along with the port auxiliary M/C, water tight compartments below and outside these rooms, and "X" turret ...e same area the day before. At 16:60 Malin Head reported that the sailing vessel ''Cardiff'' had also been mined the previous night. Upon learning this, at
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  • ...t]], but it was to be replaced by a [[Type 10 Wireless Set|Type 10 Cruiser Auxiliary set]].{{ARTS1913|W/T Appendix, p. 13}} ...James|William M. James]], who noted in his memoirs that Bentinck was "with us for a few weeks."<ref>James. ''The Sky was Always Blue''. p. 86.</ref>
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  • ...that the ''Vanguard'' is still remembered. I have great affection for the vessel for I started my career on her using antiquated diving equipment for which ...e boiler. As the result of part of a propellor blade having broken off the vessel had a certain rythm when doing her best six knots - I can only describe it
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  • <br>Hands at action stations sighted Reef horns light vessel off coast of Heligoland. {{UK-Medusa}} in collision with {{UK-Laverock}} & <br>3.0 PM Zeppelins sighted off our port beam, following us about 30 miles astern xxxxxxx.
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  • Tetuan Bay will take a considerable time to make good, and so a similar vessel has been bought to replace her temporarily. When the Assistance is ready fo ...n June next, when in association with the putting to sea of every fighting vessel, large and small, intended to be used in war, there will be an extended tes
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  • ...catcher of to-day, with a speed of 26 to 27 knots, can outstrip any other vessel in smooth water. There is, however, a limiting condition of sea under which ...n estimated constant expenditure to cover condensing, cooking, and working auxiliary machinery.
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  • auxiliary circuit, shot away and earthing. more than one ship firing at us it was impossible to avoid them
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  • examine vessel to westward, which appeared to be a disabled disengaged side of the German B.C. line, took us under heavy
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  • diately returned by us, " {{UK-Lion}} " and "{{UK-PrincessRoyal}} " thought a torpedo had hit us, but this was not so, however ;
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  • ...Bay and headed south with the rest of the [[First Torpedo Flotilla]] and {{US-Baltimore}} on 12 December, 1903. After stops in South Carolina at Charlest ...where the flotilla and ''Buffalo'' had to lay over for a fortnight while {{US-Barry}} went into drydock to have her propellers repaired after damaging th
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  • |nat=US ...endurance, she was assigned to the [[Naval Auxiliary Force]] as a dispatch vessel. Soon after the end of the war the ''Manley'' was laid up in ordinary for
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