Charles Stanhope Cotton

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Rear Admiral Charles Stanhope Cotton (15 February, 1843 – ) served in the United States Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Milwaukee, Cotton was detached from the U.S. Naval Academy for assignment to active duty on 10 May, 1861.[1]

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Edwin M. Shepard
Captain of U.S.S. Mohican
23 Apr, 1891[2]
Succeeded by
Dennis W. Mullan
Preceded by
Albert S. Barker
Captain of U.S.S. Philadelphia
24 Aug, 1894[3]
Succeeded by
George H. Wadleigh
Preceded by
New Command
Captain of U.S.S. Harvard
25 Apr, 1898[4]
Succeeded by
Samuel W. King
Preceded by
Norman H. Farquhar
Commandant, Navy Yard, Norfolk
16 Jul, 1900[5]
Succeeded by
Purnell F. Harrington
Preceded by
James H. Dayton
as Senior Officer, European Squadron
Commanding European Squadron
c. 1 Apr, 1903 – 16 Feb, 1904
Succeeded by
Harry Knox
as Senior Officer, European Squadron


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