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This converts a tenure description into a format suitable for display on a Page with Office data on it. Initially, this is our familiar bullet list entry, reworked slightly. See also templates TenureTableBegin and TenureTableEnd.

Parameters are as follows:

  • rank= (highest rank of person during the tenure) Suitable prefaces include "Acting". Suitable suffices in parentheses include (retired), (emergency), and (supplementary list).
  • name= (full title of person article page)
  • nick= (name as it is to appear in the list of names on the office page as well as in the succession box in person page footers. Use "Hon.", "Rt. Hon.", "Sir", "Lord" and "Bart." as appropriate, but no award abbreviations)
  • appt=date of appointment, with citation -- omit trailing period
  • as=name of the title of the office when this person was in place, if different from that given by "otitle" in the <div>
  • ass=date of assuming command, with citation (not used just yet) -- omit trailing period
  • end=date of appointment end, with citation -- omit trailing period
  • note=any text you'd like displayed parenthetically to the right on the office page
  • precBy=bold text you'd like to appear in lieu of a predecessor
  • succBy=bold text you'd like to appear in lieu of a successor