Triumph Class Battleship (1903)

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The two Triumph class battleships (called the Swiftsure class in many sources) were pre-dreadnoughts originally ordered for Chile, but purchased instead by Great Britain while under construction.

Overview of 2 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Swiftsure Armstrong, Whitworth & Company 26 Feb, 1902 12 Jan, 1903 Jun, 1904 Sold 18 Jun, 1920
Triumph Vickers 26 Feb, 1902 15 Jan, 1903 Jun, 1904 Torpedoed 25 May, 1915


In September 1914, the ships were allowed four additional pairs of Pattern 343 Service Binoculars.[1]

Fire Control Systems

Details on this class are fairly sparse, as they were originally produced for Chile and their 10-in main battery made them such oddities in the Royal Navy that they were seemingly omitted from Handbook for Fire Control Instruments, 1914.

Their particulars very loosely resembled those of the Duncan class.[Inference]


In early 1913, new pattern G. 329 trainer's telescopes of 2.5 power and 20 degree field were issued to these and many other capital ships, to replace the 5/12, 5/15 and 5/21 variable power G.S. telescopes that had previously been in use.[2]


  • two submerged 18-in tubes forward, undepressed and angled directly abeam; axis of tube 10 feet 6 inches below load water line and 3 feet above the deck.[3]


These ships never received directors for main or secondary batteries.[4]

Torpedo Control

Transmitting Stations

Dreyer Table

These ships never received Dreyer tables.[5]


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