W. Harkess & Sons

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William Harkess & Sons was a British shipbuilding company with a yard in Middlesbrough on the River Tees.


The yard built primarily cargo and civilian vessels. A total of eleven warships were built in the Great War period, including a pair of landing barges and a pair of trawlers.

Ship Type Launched Fate
H.M.S. P32 patrol boat 20 Jan, 1916 Sold Dec, 1921
H.M.S. P46 patrol boat 7 Feb, 1917 Sold Oct, 1925
H.M.S. PC 66 patrol boat 12 Feb, 1918 Sold Jul, 1923
H.M.S. Marlow minesweeper 7 Aug, 1918 Sold 21 Apr, 1928
H.M.S. Mistley minesweeper 19 Oct, 1918 Sold 19 May, 1928
H.M.S. Longford minesweeper 15 Mar, 1919 Sold 18 Jan, 1923
H.M.S. Monaghan minesweeper 29 May, 1919 Sold 15 Nov, 1920


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