250 Ton Class Torpedo Boat (1913)

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The twenty-seven torpedoboats of the 250 Ton Class were completed between 1914 and 1916.



Two 6.6 cm L/30


Four 45 cm torpedo tubes mounted in pairs on two swivel mounts; one on the forecastle, one towards the stern.





Two Yarrow & Company boilers, one coal burning and one oil burning


The ships built by STT had 2-shaft Parsons turbines rated at 5000 SHP with a maximum of 6000 SHP. They had a top speed of 28 kts. At 16 kts, the STT torpedo boats had a range of 980 nm.

The Ganz-Danubius & Company ships were equipped with two sets of AEG turbines with the same power and speed ratings as above. 93F produced 6450 SHP and 29.7 kts on trials. The AEG turbines were slightly more efficient, allowing a range of 1200 nm at 16 kts.

The three CNT had 2-shaft Melms Pfenninger turbines with the same power ratings as above. The torpedo boats had top speeds of 28.5 kts. At 16 kts, the three had a 1200 nm endurance.


The STT torpedo boats had a compliment of 39 officers and men with 38 for the rest.

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