Dundee Shipbuilding Company

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Dundee Shipbuilding Company was a Scottish shipbuilding concern during the Dreadnought Era.


Ship Type Launched Fate
H.M.S. Gatwick paddle minesweeper 18 Apr, 1916 Sold Mar, 1922
H.M.S. Goodwood paddle minesweeper 15 Jun, 1916 Sold Jul, 1922
H.M.S. Shincliffe paddle minesweeper 29 Jan, 1918 Sold Mar, 1922
H.M.S. Forfar minesweeper 20 Nov, 1918 Sold Mar, 1922
H.M.S. Fermoy minesweeper 5 Feb, 1919 Sunk 4 May, 1941
H.M.S. Battle minesweeper 1919 Sold Mar, 1922

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