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Konteradmiral Ernst Ewers (29 September, 1873 – 14 November, 1940) was an officer of the Imperial German Navy during the First World War.

Life & Career

He commanded the dreadnought battleship König Albert twice. After the war had ended he became the Navy's head of security on the Baltic Sea, before heading the Baltic Sea station. He retired on 30 September, 1920.


Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Captain of S.M.S. S 67
before 8 May, 1900[1]
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Hans Eberius
Captain of S.M.S. Westfalen
10 Jun, 1917[2] – 23 Jul, 1917[3]
Succeeded by
Hermann Bauer
Preceded by
Ernst Arnold
Captain of S.M.S. König Albert
3 Aug, 1917[4] – 24 Aug, 1917[5]
Succeeded by
Paul Globig
Preceded by
Eduard Varrentrapp
Captain of S.M.S. König Albert
1 Dec, 1917[6] – 3 Dec, 1918[7]
Succeeded by
Ferdinand Boehmer


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