H.M.A.S. Albatross (1928)

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H.M.A.S. Albatross (1928)
Builder: Cockatoo Dockyard
Laid down: 16 Apr, 1926
Launched: 23 Feb, 1928
Commissioned: 23 Jan, 1929[1]
Decommissioned: 26 Apr, 1933
Transferred: 1938
Fate: to Royal Navy

H.M.A.S. Albatross was a seaplane tender which entered service in the Royal Australian Navy in 1929.


Albatross was commissioned at Sydney on 23 January, 1929. In mid-1931, she was carrying Royal Australian Air Force Flight 101. Eight aviators were assigned to her at the time.[2]

She re-commissioned at Sydney on 1 January, 1932 with six aviators assigned.[3]

She paid off into E Class Reserve at Sydney on 26 April, 1933.[4]

After five years service, the ship was taken out of service.

In 1938, Albatross was transferred to Britain, becoming H.M.S. Albatross. She served as a repair ship for the Royal Navy throughout World War II.


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