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Add. MSS. 45396.

'THE GRAND FLEET 1914-1916', by Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Rushworth Jellicoe, G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O., First Viscount (and 1925) First Earl Jellicoe; 1918. Autograph draft. Preceded (ff. i-iii) by notes on the MS. by Admiral Sir Frederic Charles Dreyer, G.B.E., K.C.B., Jellicoe's Flag Captain at Jutland, 29 Apr. 1939. According to the preface (p. vii) to the printed text, the MS. was finished by the early autumn of 1918, but publication was deferred till after the Armistice. The version published in Feb. 1919 was substantially the same as the present MS., with the addition of a preface, appendices, three extra chapters (II, III, XI), various charts, diagrams and tables, and material supplying omissions (e.g. at ff. 19, 19b) in the MS. and at its end (p. 461 onwards in the printed text), or elaborating certain passages (e.g. ff. 101-139). The first chapter of the MS., though headed 'Chapter II', corresponds to the first printed chapter, and 'Chapters III-IX' to the printed chapters IV-X. The account of the battle of Jutland under various headings (ff. 101-133) corresponds to the printed chapters XII-XV, and 'Chapters XII, XIII' to chapters XVI and XVII as printed. Lord Jellicoe's drafts of an appendix (in three chapters) to a proposed second edition of The Grand Fleet are now Add. MS. 49040. See also Brit. Mus. Quart., xiii, 1938-1939, pp. 86-89 and pl. xxxvi.

Paper; ff. iii + 156. Folio. A. D. 1918. Presented, in accordance with Lord Jellicoe's wishes, by his widow Florence Gwendoline, Countess Jellicoe.

Add. MSS. 48989.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 88). Report of the Committee on Designs, recommending ships such as H.M.S. 'Dreadnought'; 1905. Printed. Preceded (ff. 1, 2) by related covering letters.

Red calf binding, gilt-tooled.

Add. MSS. 48990 – Add. MSS. 48992.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. II-IV. Correspondence and papers of Jellicoe as a Lord of the Admiralty, and correspondence with the Admiralty as Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet 1914-1916; 1908-1916. Partly typewritten and printed.

48990. Vol. II (ff. 234). 1908-1915.

48991. Vol. III (f. 1). Chart, 1915.

48992. Vol. IV (ff. 190). 1916-1918.

Add. MSS. 48993.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. V (ff. 129).

1. ff. 1-76b. Admiralty Committee on the use of Oil Fuel in the Navy: Vol. I, Departmental and other Reports and Minutes of Evidence . . . and Interim Report; 1912. Printed.

2. ff. 77-114. Correspondence and papers relating to the Royal Commission on Fuel and Engines; 1912. Partly 'copies and printed. Includes (ff. 85-93) a printed memorandum, The Oil Engine and the Submarine, [1912?].

3. ff. 115-129. Summary of Investigations of the Committee dealing with the supply of Oil Fuel for His Majesty's Ships; 1907. Printed.

Add. MSS. 48994.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. VI (ff. 77). Sir C. Oman, The Outbreak of the War of 1914-18; 1919. Printed.

Add. MSS. 48995 – Add. MSS. 49002.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. VII-XIV. 'Grand Fleet - Narrative of Events'; 1914-1916. Typewritten, with MS. alterations and notes. Jellicoe's copy of the official daily record.

Eight volumes.

Add. MSS. 48995. Vol. VII (ff. 328). Aug.-Oct. 1914.

Add. MSS. 48996. Vol. VIII (ff. 392). Nov. 1914-Jan. 1915.

Add. MSS. 48997. Vol. IX (ff. 366). Feb.-Apr. 1915.

Add. MSS. 48998. Vol. X (ff. 277). May-June 1915.

Add. MSS. 48999. Vol. XI (ff. 282). July-Aug. 1915.

Add. MSS. 49000. Vol. XII (ff. 274). Sept.-Oct. 1915.

Add. MSS. 49001. Vol. XIII (ff. 314). Nov. 1915-Apr. 1916.

Add. MSS. 49002. Vol. XIV (ff. 251). May-Nov. 1916.

Add. MSS. 49003.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XV (ff. 118). Germany. War Vessels, 1914. Naval Intelligence Division Report No. 896. Printed proof, with MS. insertions. Lacks the plates (see f. 1). Copy no. 6, with a revised pagination.

Add. MSS.49004.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XVI (ff. 47). Manoeuvring Instructions for the [German] Fleet; 1914. Printed English translation of a German naval document, 1914, recovered by the Russians from the wreck of the German cruiser 'Magdeburg', with MS. notes. See Sir Winston Churchill, The World Crisis, 1911-1914, 1923, pp. 462-3, and below 49035, f. 70

Add. MSS. 49005.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XVII (ff. 38). German Navy Tactical Orders; 1920. Naval Intelligence Division Confidential Book 1548. Printed English translation of orders recovered from ships scuttled at Scapa Flow in 1918, including MS. notes, apparently by Jellicoe.

Add. MSS. 49006, Add. MSS. 49007.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. XVIII, XIX (ff. 192, 193). Correspondence of Jellicoe with Admiral of the Fleet John Arbuthnot Fisher, First Baron Fisher; Vol. XVIII, 1909-Mar. 1915; Vol. XIX, Apr. 1915-1917.

Add. MSS. 49008.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XX (ff. 227). Correspondence, etc., of Jellicoe with Vice-Adm. David Beatty, First Earl Beatty; 1914-1918.

Add. MSS. 49009.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXI (ff. 210). Letters to Jellicoe from:

1. ff. 1-80b. Adm. Sir Henry Bradwardine Jackson, G.C.B., First Sea Lord; 1915-1916.

2. ff. 81-155b. Adm. Sir Charles Edward Madden, First Baronet; 1916-1923.

3. ff. 156-210. Adm. Sir Lewis Bayly, K.C.B.; 1914-1918. Letters from Jellicoe to Bayly are printed in Bayly's memoirs Pull Together!, ed. V. Voysey, 1939, pp. 174-5.

f. 52 - omitted from published Jellicoe Papers on p. 268. "They changed their cypher after leaving harbour, & their sailing orders could not be deciphered till the next afternoon: Ewing, Rotter & Co. were all night at it, & eventually got it out.

I expect the "Möewe" or [?] other raider have got out but we don't know yet. Oddly enough, we got the news that they were to sail, (at 6.p.m.) from other sources), & have of course warned all outside stations.

Add. MSS. 49010.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXII (ff. 126). Correspondence of Jellicoe with Rear-Adm. Sir Reginald Hugh Spencer Bacon, K.C.B.; 1916-1917. Preceded (ff. 1-15) by a minute on the organization of Channel traffic for military purposes, 1916, and (ff. 19-25) by Bacon's despatch to the Admiralty on the work of the Dover Patrol, 3 Dec. 1916.

Add. MSS. 49011.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXIII (ff. 178). Grand Fleet Battle Orders; 1915, 1916. Printed, with printed, typewritten, and MS. amendments. Jellicoe's own set, used by him at the Battle of Jutland.

Add. MSS. 49012.


1. ff. 1-16. 'War orders and Dispositions', compiled by Jellicoe as commander of the 2nd Division, Home Fleet; 1912. Typewritten draft, with autograph corrections and additions.

2. ff. 17-154. Papers relating to strategy and tactics, mostly concerning the Grand Fleet; 1914-1915. Includes correspondence of Jellicoe, principally with the Admiralty, and (ff. 61-124) memoranda on torpedo attack and defence, 1916.

Add. MSS. 49013.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXV (ff. 13). Coloured sketches and plans showing damage sustained by H.M.S. 'Lion' at the Battle of the Dogger Bank, 1915. Lithographed by A. West and Partners. Scale of 1/4 inch to 1 foot. Preceded (ff. 1, 2) by a description of the damage and (f. 3) a key plan on a scale of 1/32 inches to 1 foot. See 49008, f. 29. Blue leather binding, gilt-tooled.

Add. MSS. 49014.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXVI (ff. 301). Papers relating to the Battle of Jutland, etc.; 1915-1936.

1. ff. 1-21. Grand Fleet Battle Orders in force on the eve of the battle; 1915. Typewritten extracts.

2. ff. 22-37. Further Correspondence between His Majesty's Government and the United States Government respecting the Rights of Belligerents; 1916. Printed. Command Paper 8234.

3. ff. 38-142. Admiralty and other telegrams; 30 May-4 June 1916. Mostly copies, together with autograph notes of intercepted German signals.

4. f. 143. Letter of Vice-Adm. Oliver Elles Leggett to Jellicoe on the navigation of H.M.S. 'Iron Duke'; 29 Nov. 1927.

5. ff. 144-151. Engine-room register of H.M.S. 'King George V'; 30 May-2 June 1916. Copy.

6. ff. 152-232. Gunnery reports, range plots, etc., mostly of British ships; 30 May-1 June 1916. Extracts, with MS. notes, etc., 1920. Ff. 212-222 duplicate ff. 152-162.

7. ff. 233-249. Extract on gunnery from the report of Admiral Franz von Hipper, 4 July, with a related minute, 10 July 1916. German. Followed (ff. 245-249) by French and English translations.

Hipper (Franz von). German admiral. Report to Vice-Adm. R. Scheer 1916 Germ. copy and Fr. translations (ff. 234-241, 245).
Scheer (Reinhard). German admiral. Report to 1916 Germ. and Fr. translations (ff. 234-241, 245).
Trotha (Adolf von). German admiral. Minute by 1916 Germ Copy (f. 243).

8. ff. 250-268. Correspondence, etc., relating to the battle; 1919-1936. Partly printed.

Bacon (Reginald Hugh Spencer). Adm. Sir. K.C.B. Letters, etc., to 1923-1936, n.d. (ff. 250, 259).
Craig-Waller formerly Craig (Arthur). Vice-Adm. Letter to Adm. Sir R. H. S. Bacon 1936 (f. 250).
Craig-Waller formerly Craig (Arthur). Vice-Adm. The Fifth Battle Squadron at Jutland 1935 Printed (ff. 251-256).
Dreyer (Frederic Charles). Adm. Sir. G.B.E. Correspondence with Lord Jellicoe 1917-1932 Partly typewritten (ff. 266-268b).
Frewen (Oswald Moreton). Commander. R.N. Letter to Lord Jellicoe 1919 Imperfect (ff. 261-265).
Grenfell (Russell). Capt. R.N. Sir Robert Arbuthnot at Jutland 1935 Printed (ff. 256b-258b).
Woods (Alexander Riall Wadham). Rev. Vice-Adm. Letter to Adm. Sir R. H. S. Bacon circa 1935-1936 (f. 259).

9. ff. 269-278. 'Errors made in Jutland Battle', by Jellicoe, on the conduct of British senior officers; 1932. Two copies, with MS. notes, 1936.

10. ff. 279-301. Reports of damage to German ships; June 1916, 1919. Typewritten.

Add. MSS. 49015, Add. MSS. 49016.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. XXVII, XXVIII (ff. 162, ii + A-Z). The Battle of Jutland (The German Official Account); 1926. Printed English translation by Lt.-Com. W. T. Bagot of part of Capt. O. Groos, Der Krieg in der Nordsee, v, 1918 (I. Der Krieg zur See). Vol. XXVII, Text; Vol. XXVIII, imperfect set of charts, lettered A-Z and preceded (ff. i-ii) by a list, etc.

Add. MSS. 49017.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXIX (ff. 173). Jutland despatches, etc.; 1916.

1. ff. 1-115. Jellicoe's public (ff. 1-23) and secret despatches on the battle; 18 June 1916. Typewritten drafts.

2. ff. 116-166. Correspondence concerning publication, partly relating to Beatty's despatch to Jellicoe, 19 June, a corrected copy of which is included at ff. 126-136; 18-30 June 1916. Mostly copies.

3. ff. 167-173. Third Supplement to the London Gazette, 6 July 1916. Printed. Comprises Jellicoe's public despatch, redated 24 June, together with Beatty's despatch as an appendix.

Add. MSS. 49018.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXX (ff. 339). Battle of Jutland, 30th May to 1st June, 1916; Official Despatches, with Appendices; 1920. Printed. Command Paper 1068. Lacks the case of charts. Jellicoe's secret despatch is included at pp. 1-42.

Add. MSS. 49019, Add. MSS. 49020.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. XXXI, XXXII (ff. i+111, 183). 'Official Record of the Battle of Jutland, 30th May to 1st June 1916, with Appendices and Plans', by Capt. John Ernest Troyte Harper. Vol. XXXI, Typewritten draft; 1919. MS. corrections and insertions in red and blue ink. Vol. XXXII, Printed proof (no. 12); 1920. MS. corrections in red ink. Ff. 20-22 comprise an inserted letter of Harper to Adm. Bacon, relating to his work on the 'Record', 22 Apr. 1936. See 49022-49024 below and Add. MSS. 54477, 54478.

Add. MSS. 49021.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXXIII (ff. 121). Battle of Jutland. Record of Messages bearing on the Operation; 1919. Printed. S.P. 02085. Copy no. 9. Preceded (f. 2) by a covering letter to Jellicoe, 1920.

Add. MSS. 49022.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXXIV (ff. 64). Reproduction of the Record of the Battle of Jutland prepared by Captain J. E. T. Harper, M.V.O., R.N., and other officers by direction of the Admiralty in 1919-1920; 1927. Printed. Command Paper 2870. See 42019, 42020 above.

Add. MSS. 49023, Add. MSS. 49024.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. XXXV, XXXVI (ff. 27, 24). Two sets of diagrams on various scales, lettered A-CCC, A-Z, prepared under the direction of Capt. Harper to illustrate the Official Record and showing the movements of British and German ships at Jutland; circa 1920. Lithographed by A. Malby and Sons, except for Vol. XXXV B which is in ink. One diagram, 'German II', is missing from the second set. Includes annotations by Jellicoe and Harper. See also Add. MS. 54479.

Add. MSS. 49025.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXXVII (ff. i+163). 'Narrative of the Battle of Jutland'; 1922. Typewritten draft, with MS. additions and deletions, originally enclosed in 49028, f. 147. Based on 49042, the Naval Staff Appreciation of Jutland, 1922, and published by the Stationery Office in 1924.

Add. MSS. 49026.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXXVIII (ff. 107). Two sets of proofs of the diagrams to go with the 'Narrative', followed (ff. 60-106) by a third set including two additional diagrams, circa 1923-1924. Lithographed, with MS. corrections. Preceded (f. 2) by a covering letter to Jellicoe from the Admiralty, 1923.

Add. MSS. 49027.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXXIX (ff. 283). Papers concerning amendments to the 'Narrative' before publication; 1923. Mostly typewritten:

1. ff. 1-116. 'Remarks on the "Narrative"', by Jellicoe. Two copies, with autograph corrections.

2. ff. 117-169. 'Remarks on diagrams' in 49026, by Jellicoe. Imperfect autograph draft, followed (ff. 120-169) by four copies, the first two imperfect.

3. ff. 170-283. 'Narrative of the Battle of Jutland: detailed summary of amendments made to the text, and of those rejected'. Original and carbon copy. Sent to Jellicoe by the Admiralty, 1923 (covering letter at f. 170), and annotated by him.

Add. MSS. 49028.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XL (ff. 242). Correspondence of Jellicoe, principally with the Admiralty, relating to the publication of the 'Record' and the 'Narrative', and to other controversies over the battle; 1920-1927. Mostly typewritten. Includes (ff. 236-238) a list of German signals deciphered in the Admiralty during the battle, with a minute by Jellicoe, 1927. See Bacon, op. cit., pp. 434-50, and 49037, ff. 128-195 passim.

Add. MSS. 49029.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XLI (ff. 192). Gunnery records, logs, etc., kept on board British and German ships during the battle; 1916. Typewritten copies and extracts. Used by Jellicoe in connection with the above-mentioned controversies.

Add. MSS. 49030.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XLII (ff. 163). Five lectures on the battle given at the Royal Naval Staff College, Greenwich, by Adm. Sir Bertram Home Ramsay, 14-21 June 1929. Copy. Followed (ff. 142-146) by an extract from Battle Instructions, 1 June 1928, and (ff. 147-163) by four appendices. Sent to Jellicoe by Ramsay, 18 July 1929 (see his letter at f. 1). Preceded (ff. 4-8) by a typewritten 'Summing up' by Vice-Adm. Sir Geoffrey Blake, as Director of the College, on Jutland lectures and discussions, 1927, annotated by Adm. Dreyer.

Add. MSS. 49031.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XLIII (ff. 88). Correspondence, etc., of Jellicoe and others relating to the death of Lord Kitchener and the sinking of H.M.S. 'Hampshire' on 5 June 1916; 1916-1926. Mostly typewritten.

Add. MSS. 49032, Add. MSS. 49033.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. XLIV, XLV (ff. 37, 1). Telegrams, etc., relating to the Grand Fleet's reaction to a sortie by the German High Seas Fleet; 18-25 Aug. 1916. Partly typewritten. Vol. XLV is an oversize overtrace.

Add. MSS. 49034.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XLVI (ff. ii+120, in two parts: Part I, ff. i-ii, original cover; Part II, ff. 1-120).

1. ff. 1-20. Report of Naval Conference of Powers United Against Germany; 4, 5 Sept. 1917. Printed, with MS. notes and typewritten additions.

2. ff. 21-67. Letters and papers relating to plans to neutralize German submarine exits, including Zeebrugge; 1915-1919. Partly typewritten.

Bayly (Lewis). Adm. Sir. K.C.M.G. Correspondence with Lord Jellicoe 1914-1918 Partly typewritten (ff. 22-35).
Bacon (Reginald Hugh Spencer). Adm. Sir. K.C.B. Memorandum by 1917 Imperf. Signed (ff. 53-55).
Keyes (Roger John Brownlow). Adm. of the Fleet. 1st Baron Keyes. Letters, etc., to Lord Jellicoe 1918, 1919 Copy and signed (ff. 57-67).
Tennyson-D'Eyncourt (Eustace Henry William). Sir. 1st Bart. Minute by 1917 (f. 56).

3. ff. 68-71. Grand Fleet Positions & Movements; 1916, 1917. Two printed returns.

4. ff. 72-95b. Comparative strengths of the Grand and High Seas Fleets, etc.; 1914-1917. Typewritten, with MS. notes.

5. ff. 96-113b. Navy Losses, a return to the House of Commons; 1919. Printed. 6. ff. 114-120. Tables of merchant ship losses, etc., 1914-1918. Printed and typewritten. Includes (ff. 114-117) Command Paper 9221, Merchant Tonnage and the Submarine, 1918.

Add. MSS. 49035 – Add. MSS. 49037.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. XLVII-XLIX. Official and private correspondence of Jellicoe, with a few letters addressed to his wife, Florence Gwendoline; 1917-1936.


Add. MSS. 49035. Vol. XLVII (ff. 207). 1900-1916.

49036. Vol. XLVIII (ff. 244). 1917.

49037. Vol. XLIX (ff. 307). 1918-1936.

Add. MSS. 49038.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. L (ff. 258). Autobiography of Jellicoe up to the outbreak of war in 1914. Autograph draft, followed (ff. 99-258) by a copy with autograph and typewritten corrections and additions. See also 49041, ff. 266-332, below.

Add. MSS. 49039.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LI (ff. 74).

1. ff. 1-64. Correspondence and papers relating to Jellicoe's dismissal from the post of First Sea Lord; 1917. Partly typewritten and copies. See also 49036, ff. 77-244; 49037, ff. 1-50.

2. ff. 65-74. Letters, etc., to his parents relating to events in his earlier career; 1893, 1910. Partly copies.

Add. MSS. 49040.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LII (ff. 148). Three chapters (Chapter IV is 49041, ff. 175-179, below) of an appendix dealing with the Battle of Jutland for a proposed second edition of Jellicoe's The Grand Fleet 1914-1916, 1919; 1922. Typewritten drafts:- (1) With autograph corrections. ff. 5-32;- (2) ff. 33-63;- (3) Preceded by a duplicate of Ch. III (ff. 64-70), a covering letter, 1922 (f. 72), and (ff. 75-80) four out of five revised diagrams (the second is missing). ff. 64-146. Used by Adm. Bacon in his Life. Notes by Bacon and Adm. Dreyer are at ff. 5, 72, 81, 147. The autograph draft of the original edition of The Grand Fleet is now Add. MS. 45356.

Add. MSS. 49041.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LIII (ff. 332, in two parts: Part I, ff. 1-166; Part II, ff. 167-332).

1. ff. 1-265. Replies by Jellicoe, headed (f. 1) 'Part I' , to criticisms chiefly made in published works; 1923-1927, n.d. Mostly typewritten with autograph corrections:- (a) Two drafts on Sir Winston Churchill, The World Crisis, vols. i-ii, 1923. ff. 1-60, 61-105;- (b) Two drafts, each in duplicate, on the Narrative of the Battle of Jutland, 1924. ff. 106-113, 114-174;- (c) Chapter IV of the appendix to The Grand Fleet. Draft. Supplementing 49040, ff. 175-179;- (d) 'The Grand Fleet and Jutland': two drafts on Churchill, op. cit., iii, 1927, preceded (f. 180) by a related letter from Adm. Sir W. E. Goodenough. ff. 183-219, 220-265.

2. ff. 266-332. Account by Jellicoe, headed 'Part III' (f. 283), of his experiences as First Sea Lord (three drafts, ff. 266-282, 283-314, 315-320), and of his dismissal from office in 1917. Mostly typewritten with autograph corrections. See also 49043, ff. 48-62, below.

Add. MSS. 49042.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LIV (ff. i+150) Naval Staff Appreciation of Jutland. (With Appendices and Diagrams. 1922. Printed. Copy no. 7 of a work intended to be issued as Confidential Book 0938, but suppressed by the Admiralty before publication (notes on ff. 1b, 2).

Add. MSS. 49043.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LV (ff. 141).

1. ff. 1-25. Notes by Jellicoe on the German official account of the war at sea 1914-1916; n.d. Typewritten.

2. ff. 26-47. Account by Jellicoe of the Battle of Jutland; 1922. Typewritten. Signed. Printed, with additional material, in These Eventful Years, ed. F. H. Hooper, 1924, i, pp. 327-53.

3. ff. 48-62. A further draft containing part of Jellicoe's experiences as First Sea Lord, 24 Nov. 1916-July 1917. Typewritten, with autograph corrections. See 49042, ff. 266-320, above.

4. ff. 63-109. Criticisms by Jellicoe of errors in various drafts of the official History of the Great War: Naval Operations, vols. iv-v, by Sir Henry Newbolt, concerning the introduction of the convoy system, 1916-1919, with related correspondence; 1929.

5. ff. 110-121. U.S. reviews of Lord Jellicoe, The Crisis of the Naval War, 1920.

6. ff. 122-141. Report, etc., mostly by Jellicoe as New Zealand representative, relating to the Geneva Conference on Naval Disarmament; 1927.

Add. MSS. 49044.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LVI (ff. 36). Correspondence of Jellicoe and others with Adm. Bacon, relating to Bacon's biography of Jellicoe, with related material; 1935-1936, n.d.

Add. MSS. 49045.


1. ff. 1-32. Admiralty memoranda on the 'Naval situation in the Far East' and 'Imperial Naval Defence'; 1919. Typewritten.

2. ff. 33-260. Correspondence and papers of Jellicoe relating to his Empire Naval Mission; 1918-1920. Partly printed, typewritten, and copies.

Add. MSS. 49046, Add. MSS. 49047.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. LVIII, LIX (ff. 24, 22). India (Mar.-Apr.). Copy no. 2. Vol. LIX is the Appendix.

Add. MSS. 49048 – Add. MSS. 49051.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. LX-LXIII (ff. 64, 22, 40, 22). Australia i-iv (May-Aug.). Copy nos. 48 (Vols. LX-LXII), 16 (Vol. LXIII).

Add. MSS. 49052 – Add. MSS. 49054.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. LXIV-LXVI (ff. 35, 52, 12). New Zealand, i-iii, (Aug.-Oct.). Copy no. 12.

Add. MSS. 49055 – Add. MSS. 49057.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. LXVII-LXIX (ff. 27, 42, 17). Canada, i-iii, (Nov.-Dec.). Copy no. 6.

Add. MSS. 49057*.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LXX (ff. 27). Cabinet papers, etc., relating to Jellicoe's attendance at a meeting of the War Committee on 17 Feb. 1916 to discuss shortages of ships; Feb.-Mar. 1916. Mostly comprising printed memoranda, nos. G. 56-59 (ff. 2-16b), and duplicated documents relating to the naval situation (ff. 17-22).

Add. MSS. 71553.

SUPPLEMENTARY JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 99). Royal correspondence, 1915-1936.

1. ff. 1-79. Correspondence between Lord Jellicoe and King George V, partly autogr., and Jellicoe's despatches as Governor-General of New Zealand to the King , with replies on the King's behalf by Lord Stamfordham; 1915-1933.

2. ff. 80-99. Letters and telegrams, partly autograph, to Lord and Lady Jellicoe from Queen Alexandra, the Duke of Kent, Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg (later Marquess of Milford Haven), the Duke of Connaught, Princess Patricia of Connaught, the Duke of Athlone, Princess Beatrice, and Tsar Nicholas II; 1915-1936. Partly copies and signed.

Add. MSS. 71554, Add. MSS. 71555.

SUPPLEMENTARY JELLICOE PAPERS. Vols. II, III. Family correspondence; 1874-1934.