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The British inspected some of these ships after the Armistice (officers of Royal Oak were able to inspect a semi-sanitized Markgraf, ditto Royal Sovereign visited Kronprinz Wilhelm). Their reports,[1] obtained from three separate sources[2]contained the following information.

Overview of 4 vessels
Citations for this data available on individual ship pages
Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Großer Kurfürst Germaniawerft, Kiel Oct, 1911 5 May, 1913 30 Jul, 1914 Scuttled 21 Jun, 1919
König Kaiserliche Werft Wilhelmshaven Oct, 1911 1 Mar, 1913 10 Aug, 1914 Scuttled 21 Jun, 1919
Kronprinz Germaniawerft, Kiel Nov, 1911 21 Feb, 1914 8 Nov, 1914 Scuttled 21 Jun, 1919
Markgraf AG Weser, Bremen Nov, 1911 4 Jun, 1913 1 Oct, 1914 Scuttled 21 Jun, 1919


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The turrets trained electrically and used hydraulics for elevating gear, rammers and breech blocks. A fallback to hand working was available. A pair of 3 cylinder pumps of 6-8 HP supplied hydraulic power. Each gun had two recoil cylinders and a pneumatic cylinder to return the gun to battery.[3]

Elevation was by a single hydraulic cylinder

Fire Control

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