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The Shadwell Testimonial Prize, was founded in 1888 In memory of Admiral Sir Charles F. A. Shadwell, K.C.B., who died 1st March, 1888. It consisted of a Pocket Sextant, or other instrument (as funds allowed) of use in Navigation or Marine Surveying.

History and Nature of Competition

It was bestowed annually on the Officer of a rank not higher than Lieutenant-Commander, and who has never been classed as an Assistant Surveyor who has sent in through his Captain the most creditable plan of an anchorage or other marine survey, accompanied with sailing directions recently executed by himself. All officers of the Commonwealth Navies were eligible to receive the Prize.

The award was to be made on the plans received at the Admiralty during each calendar year, by a Committee consisting of the Hydrographer, the Assistant Hydrographer, and Surveying Officer in charge of the Chart Branch at the Admiralty. These adjudicators were empowered to make no award if they judged no plans received during the year to be sufficiently meritorious.

In case of co-operation in the production of a plan, a junior Officer, who has assisted materially in its construction, may participate in the reward, should the funds be sufficient.

The first award was made on the plans received during 1889.[1]


The recipients are denoted in Navy Lists by a [ST] after their name in the seniority lists or by a circled asterisk. The year of the award can often be found on their Service Record.

Year Recipient Notes
1890 Laurence Eliot Power plan for Silam Harbour, Borneo
1891? Francis Spurstow Miller unclear; see his page
1892 Rowland Nugent chart of Aitutaki Island (Cook Islands)
1893 Charles G. S. Eeles various plans of harbours and anchrages in the Pacific
1894 Bertram Mordaunt Chambers for a plan of Peaquara[?] Channel, Callao
1895 Bertram Mordaunt Chambers for a plan of Perico Islands and Victoria Harbour, British Columbia
1896 Francis Spurstow Miller plan of Portrush Harbour[2]
1897? Humphrey Wykeham Bowring survey of Red River, China?
1899 Denis Burke Crampton plan for La Guaira Harbour, Venezuela
1901 Henry Eilbeck Hillman plans of the Yangtse River
1904 Albert Edward Dixie re-survey of Port Sweltenham, Malaysia
1905 Christopher Powell Metcalfe survey of "T. O." River, China
1906 Frederic Gerald Stuart Peile charts of Fijian Harbour, or of Kattegat, Baltic and "Belts"[?]
1908 Edward Ratcliffe Garth Russell Evans unknown
1910 Cyril Herbert Gordon Benson survey of Punta de Parinas/Punta Lobos area
1912 Arthur Perfect Meredith Lewes survey of Santa Maura Canal (Lefkada) and Port Drepano, Greece
1917 Maitland Walter Sabine Boucher survey of the entrance to Port "Kalesai"[?], Mitylene, Lesbos
unknown Kenneth Harry Litton MacKenzie unknown
unknown Robert Kirk Dickson
1931 Reginald Frederick Nichols survey of Port Edgar, Falkland Islands
1935 Alexander Robert Kennedy survey Land Harbour, Yasawa Group, Fiji Islands while in Laburnum[3]
YEAR Ian L. T. Hogg
YEAR Derek H. Secker

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