Sirtori Class Destroyer (1916)

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Italy built four "Sirtori" class destroyers as the Great War progressed. They increased the gun armament of the Pilo class destroyers by mounting six 4-in weapons in place of four 3-in guns. They would be re-classified as torpedo boats 1 October, 1929.[1]

Overview of 4 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Giuseppe Sirtori Cantieri Navali Odero, Sestri 24 Nov, 1916 Scuttled 25 Sep, 1943
Giovanni Acerbi Cantieri Navali Odero, Sestri 14 Feb, 1917 Sunk 4 Apr, 1941
Vincenzo Giordano Orsini Cantieri Navali Odero, Sestri 23 Apr, 1917 Scuttled 8 Apr, 1941
Francesco Stocco Cantieri Navali Odero, Sestri 5 Jun, 1917 Sunk 24 Sep, 1943

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  1. Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1906–1921. p. 270.


Sirtori Class Destroyer
  Giuseppe Sirtori Giovanni Acerbi Vincenzo Giordano Orsini Francesco Stocco  
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