T.B. 39 Class Torpedo Boat (1882)

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The two first-class torpedo boats of the T.B. 39 Class were Yarrow & Company-built boats of 100 feet and 40 tons originally built for Chile.

Overview of 2 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
T.B. 39 Yarrow & Company 1882 Sold 1905
T.B. 40 Yarrow & Company 1882 Sold 1905


A single (bow-mounted?) tube for 14-in Whitehead torpedoes and two 1-in twin barrelled Nordenfelds. By 1900, they were rearmed with two 14-in torpedoes in dropping gear and 0.45-in 5-barrelled Nordenfelds.[1]

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T.B. 39 Class First-class Torpedo Boat
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