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FredBot is a bot, written in Java.

It is not yet a stable, fixed entity, but is re-coded to perform various one-time edits in hopes that the Wiki will attain a format that invites routine automated fixes and enhancements.

Expect the edits to be simple ones applied broadly until some sanity is instituted.

Direct any complaints and issues to me. — TONY LOVELL, Editor.

Features under consideration

Editors should pipe in on the discussion panel as to which of these they feel most strongly about.

  • Maintain characteristics boxes in ship class pages and ship pages such that every entry in the Ship Class will be, by default, made in the boxes for all the Ships unless the human editors provide an explicit value on the Ship page to indicate that it differs from the others in its class. This would be an involved effort, however.
  • Maintain the Bibliography section by automatically adding the long-form Citable Source Template transclusion for each such that is used in providing a footnote within the page.

Helping FredBot

Sometimes, my code to make FredBot work is not entirely sure it has done the right thing. As a fig-leaf, sometimes pages where this occurs get added to special Categories for follow-up by human eyes. Here are some.