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Forty-two "A" Class destroyers entered service in the Royal Navy between 1895 and 1896. Originally termed the 26 Knotters and 27 Knotters, those vessels remaining were re-designated as "A" class destroyers on 30 August 1912 despite the fact that their designs were fairly diverse.[1]

Their average cost was £35,780.[2]

In July, 1918, seven ships were still in service, serving in local defence forces in Portsmouth and Devonport and in the Irish Sea.[3]

By May 1920, seven of the ships were still considered worth documenting as regards their armament,[4] but it appears that was also the year in which the last nine vessels were broken up.


One 12-pdr 12 cwt on a P. I mounting. The gun recoiled 12 inches and the mounting and its sights were capable of 30 degree elevations (9500 yards).[4]

Originally, the 26 knotters three and the 27 knotters five 6-pdr guns (though the 26 knotters could mount five by landing the torpedo tubes).[5] It appears these were removed by late in the war.[4]

By 1920, those remaining had also been fitted with a Q.F. 6-pdr on Mark IV H.A. mounting.[4]


Most had two single 18-in torpedo tubes, particularly by the war. Some had a third fixed bow tube which was removed from most although some boat retained only this tube.[6]

From 1907, the decision was made to standardise the "A" through "D"s with torpedoes set for short range, allotting them the Mark IV S.R..[7]

Other Weapons


Fire Control

Visual fire control system.[4]

Torpedo Control

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