"P" Class Patrol Boat (1915)

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A total of 43 "P" Boats were completed for patrol work with the Royal Navy. Ten additional vessels (seemingly, Ps 42-44, 51, 55, 56, 60-63) were started but were completed as "PC" Boats.

All were launched between October 1915 and May 1918, but the launch dates we provide are approximate.


"P" boats resembled submarines, with a low appearance and ram bow. Large rudders combined with a sprightly hull form ensured high manoeuvrability.


  • one 4-in gun forward (a second, aft, in P52).
  • one 2-pdr pom-pom
  • two single 14-in torpedo tubes (seemingly fitted to fire at fixed angles on the quarters, these were removed by 1918 to make room for more depth charges[1])
  • two cradles aft for single depth charges

Many of the 14-in torpedo tubes removed from these boats was fitted in destroyers of the Harwich Force and Dover Patrol as fixed tubes firing on the beam.[2]

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"P" Class Patrol Boat
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February 1916 Order
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June 1916 Order
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