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Admiral Charles Searle Cardale, J.P., Royal Navy, Retired (21 April, 1841 – 1 June, 1904) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

His son, Ernest Leslie Cardale, would also become a naval officer. He may have had other sons, as well.

Life & Career

Cardale was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with seniority of 31 August, 1861.

Cardale was promoted to the rank of Commander for services in Abysinnia with seniority of 14 August, 1868.

Cardale was promoted to the rank of Captain with seniority of 9 January, 1878.[1]

Appointed to command the troopship Crocodile on 13 June, 1881. On 12 July, 1882 Cardale left Crocodile for her sister Euphrates. On 27 February 1884, a Court Martial partly proved a charge that Cardale had stranded troopship Euphrates by negligence or default and he was dismissed the ship – a sentence the Board Minutes deemed light.

Cardale was appointed in command of the battleship Agamemnon on 5 August, 1887.[2] In October 1888, the Admiralty disapproved of the tone of a letter Cardale had sent the previous month explaining why Lieutenant Edward Duke Hunt had not been transferred to H.M.S. Dolphin.

On 15 June 1889, the Admiralty expressed its "surprise and displeasure" with Cardale's allowing, as President of a Court Martial regarding the negligent stranding of H.M.S. Turquoise in April, Captain Brackenbury to put questions regarding the character and trustworthiness of the Navigating Officer.

On 14 August 1891, his central battery ironclad Iron Duke received a poor evaluation in which Rear-Admiral FitzRoy noted a "want of cleanliness & neatness below. Officers appear to be ignorant of internal arrangements and fittings of their ship."

Cardale was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral dated 5 April, 1892, vice Jones.[3] He was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral on 13 January, 1899, vice Hotham.[4]

Cardale was placed on the Retired List at his own request on 3 March, 1900.[5] He was advanced to the rank of Admiral on the Retired List on 15 March, 1904.[6]


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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Charles J. Brownrigg
Captain of H.M.S. Euphrates
13 Jun, 1881[7]
Succeeded by
Arthur C. H. Paget
Preceded by
Gerald C. Langley
Captain of H.M.S. Agamemnon
5 Aug, 1887[8] – 6 Aug, 1890
Succeeded by
Charles L. Oxley
Preceded by
Frederick S. Vander-Meulen
Captain of H.M.S. Iron Duke
3 Feb, 1891[9] – 5 Apr, 1892
Succeeded by
Ernest N. Rolfe


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