Fourth Sloop Flotilla (Royal Navy)

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The Fourth Sloop Flotilla was a formation of sloops of the Royal Navy.


The Fourth was the last sloop flotilla to be created in the Great War, apparently being created between 1 August and 1 October, 1918.

November, 1918

The flotilla appears in the Navy List, comprising the bulk of the new Southern Patrol Force. It has six sloops, and the S.P.F. otherwise has a depot ship, Venerable and the flotilla leader Lightfoot, which is paid off.[1]

Attached to the Southern Patrol Force
Bend Or Cicero Iroquois Ladas Ormonde Sefton

March, 1919

The flotilla's vessels appear, along with other sloops, unlabelled, at Portland. It seems the formation was disbanded in February.[2]

Flotilla Disbanded – sloops sent to Portland

By June, most of the sloops would be placed in Reserve at Portland, with Sefton and Ormonde apparently now assigned to the Portland Anti-Submarine Flotilla.[3]

In Command

Dates of appointment given:


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