H.M.S. Arlanza (1911)

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H.M.S. Arlanza (1911)
Pendant Number: M.93
MI.53 (Jan 1918)
MI.31 (Apr 1918)[1]
Builder: Harland & Wolff
Launched: 23 Nov, 1911[2]
Commissioned: 24 Apr, 1915[3]
Decommissioned: Apr, 1920[4]
Returned: Jul, 1920[5]
Fate: to civil use

H.M.S. Arlanza was a commercial liner converted for use as an Armed Merchant Cruiser in the Royal Navy.

Her sisters Andes, Almanzora and Alcantara came along with her.



She was armed with:[6]

  • six 6-in
  • two 6-pdrs


Dates of appointment are provided when known.

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