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Captain Humphrey Benson Jacomb, C.B.E., R.N. (27 June, 1891 – 10 March, 1969)[1] was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

The son of Reginald Benson Jacomb, wool broker.

Jacomb was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 March, 1912.

Jacomb was appointed Lieutenant in Command of the destroyer Ambuscade on 21 June, 1918.[2]


Jacomb was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 March, 1922.

Jacomb was promoted to the rank of Commander on 31 December, 1926.

Jacomb was promoted to the rank of Captain on 31 December, 1933.

Jacomb was appointed in command of Londonderry on 26 May, 1935, to assume command upon her commissioning. He was superseded in October 1937.

World War II

Jacomb was appointed to Callipoe, additional on 11 November, 1941, to assume command of the depot ship Blenheim as soon as she completed conversion and upon commissioning. On 5 April, 1942 he was appointed in command of the battleship Nelson, vice Hill.

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