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Lieutenant-Commander (retired) John Reep, R.N. (31 July, 1864 – 11 December, 1933) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Reep was promoted to the rank of Gunner on 1 April, 1891.

In March, 1897, Reep proposed a new method for taking bearings at night.

On 29 June 1906, Reep saved a boy from drowning at Devonport. He would be awarded the Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal and Certificate for this deed.

Reep was promoted to the rank of Chief Gunner on 27 August, 1910.

Reep was appointed to H.M.S. Defiance for command of the special service vessel Driver from 30 May 1912 to 16 May, 1914.

Reep was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 5 December, 1912.

On 16 May 1914, Reep was appointed to Defiance for inspection of Electrical Stores, etc., where he remained until he retired on 4 October, 1919. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander (retired) on 5 December, 1920.

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