Ralph Peter Cator

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Admiral Ralph Peter Cator (19 May, 1829 – 31 July, 1903) served as an officer in the Royal Navy in the 1800s.

Life & Career

He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with seniority of 19 August, 1850.

Gazetted 2 July 1855 for being involved in a night attack on Sebastopol. Gazetted again on 26 February, 1858 with praise for work in the capture of Canton. Gazetted on 28 July for attacking forts and batteries in the "Pey Ho"[?]

Promoted to the rank of Commander with seniority of 17 September, 1858. On 31 October 1859 he was appointed in command of Fawn. It was a disaster for him, as the ship had a terrible state of discipline with many desertions. Cator was reprimanded in July 1861 and May 1862. He was, however, commended on 16 December, 1861 for his work in suppressing the Gold Field riots.

Appointed in command of the sloop Pelican from 7 June 1865 to 7 May 1866.

Promoted to the rank of Captain with seniority of 11 April, 1866.

Commanded Scout from 2 March, 1871 to 2 June, 1873, and in May 1873, the Foreign office relayed its approval of his handling of affairs at Honolulu.

Commanded Defence from 6 September 1874 through her paying off on 5 December 1879 and finally leaving on 26 March, 1881.

Promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral with seniority of 31 December, 1882. He was placed on the Retired List at his own request on 21 December, 1886.

He was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral on the Retired List on 8 November, 1888 and then to Admiral on 28 May, 1894.

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