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The Robert Roxburgh Memorial Prize was awarded each term to the Naval Cadet who obtained the highest place in the grand aggregate of marks in the Passing Out Examination at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. It consisted of books, accoutrements, or other articles selected by the successful Cadet, subject to the discretion of the Captain of the College.

This Prize was founded in 1917 by Mrs. J. B. Roxburgh in memory of her son, Midshipman Robert Roxburgh, R.N., of H.M.S. Indefatigable, who was killed in action in the Battle of Jutland on 31 May, 1916. The prize was funded by the interest on a sum of £1,200 Government Stock, held in trust by the Admiralty.[1]


The recipients are denoted in Navy Lists by a [RR] after their name in the seniority lists. After May 1936, the [KM] denoting the King's Medal also implied receipt of the Robert Roxburgh Prize.

Year Recipient Notes
YEAR Richard C. V. Ross
YEAR Arthur Reid Pedder
YEAR Richard P. Clarke
YEAR Peter N. Churchill
YEAR Walter Smith
c. 1925 William Stanley Handcock
c. 1925 Bradwell T. Turner
c. 1926 Charles F. W. St. Quintin
1927 Richard J. Cooper
c. 1927 Charles R. G. Wilkinson
YEAR Alexander N. C. Bingley
c. 1928 John P. L. Reid
1929 Gordon W. McKendrick
c. 1930 John R. B. Longden
YEAR Christopher M. Jacob
1932 Peter K. Horsey
YEAR Edgar D. Webb
YEAR Hugh W. S. Sims-Williams
YEAR Alyn L. Taylor
1934 Ronald Leslie Davies[2]
YEAR Edmund T. Larken
YEAR William G. Crawford
YEAR Albert H. F. Hunt
YEAR Robert G. Norfolk
YEAR Arthur F. P. Lewis
YEAR Edward K. U. Clark
YEAR Edward G. Ducat-Hamersley
YEAR Robert G. B. O'N. Roe
YEAR Joseph L. Blackham
YEAR David F. Townsend
YEAR Edward T. L. Dunsterville
YEAR Nigel T. B. Tibbits
YEAR Rupert C. P. Wainwright
YEAR Robert Scott
YEAR Jack S. Miller
YEAR Charles W. B. Smith
YEAR David C. Beatty
YEAR David J. L. Wood
YEAR John A. S. Davey
YEAR William Gordon Foster
YEAR Walter Sydney Corfield Jenks
YEAR Peter Laurence Cloete
YEAR William Terence Colbourne Ridley
YEAR Brian Selby Harvey
YEAR Geoffrey Lorimar Giles
YEAR Leonard Ernest Edwards
YEAR John Kane [KM][3]
YEAR Arthur Michael Howard Thomas [KM][4]
YEAR John James Spencer Watney [KM][5]
YEAR Edward Bruce Cricheley Thornton [KM][6]
YEAR Stewart Howard Kempster [KM][7]
YEAR William Alexander Scott Murray [KM][8]
YEAR Hugh Michael Simeon [KM][9]
YEAR Peter Trevredyn Hoath [KM][10]
YEAR Aulay William Watson [KM][11]
YEAR Harold Beaton Grant [KM][12]
1946 C. J. Braggins [KM][13]
1947 B. J. Young [KM][14]
1948 J. Parfitt [KM][15]

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