24 Class Sloop (1918)

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Twenty-four 24 class sweeping sloops were planned for the Royal Navy near the very end of the war and in the years immediately following. Two were cancelled on 3 December, 1918 before completion. They were all named for racing horses and thus were sometimes called the Racehorse class.

Design & Construction

They featured a single funnel and mast and were designed to appear double-ended. Four of the vessels had the mast abaft the funnel, the others had the mast positioned ahead of the funnel.



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24 Class Sweeping Sloop
Ard Patrick Bend Or Cicero Donovan Flying Fox
Harvester Iroquois Isinglass Ladas Merry Hampton
Minoru Orby Ormonde Persimmon Rocksand
Sanfoin Sefton Silvio Sir Bevis Sir Hugo
  Sir Visto Spearmint