Condor Class Sloop (1898)

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Six Condor class sloops were completed for the Royal Navy in 1899 and 1900. The loss of the Condor herself in December 1901 hastened the end of sail in the service.

Design & Construction


As completed the Condors apparently had an inadequate stability under sail, and before her loss Condor's only captain, Commander Clifton Sclater, complained to the D.N.C. of what D. K. Brown described as "poor stability and heavy rolling, exacerbated by inadequate freeing ports in the high bulwarks." Although calculations by an Assistant Constructor implied that Sclater "was exaggerating", he seems to have been proved tragically right when Condor disappeared with all hands in a severe gale off Vancouver Island. The Admiralty subsequently ceased including sails in new ship classes altogether, and the rigs used by existing vessels was much reduced.[1]



As Completed

  • six 4-inch QG BL Mk III
  • four 3-pounders

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